Provided by: afflib-tools_3.7.19-2build1_amd64 bug


       affinfo - print information about an AFF file


       affinfo [options] infile


       Print information about an AFF file.

       This file is part of the AFFLIBv3, that provides AFF.

       AFF is an open and extensible file format to store disk images and associated metadata. It
       is useful in several scenaries, as computer forensics investigations.


       General options:

              -a     Print ALL segments (normally data segments are suppressed).

              -b     Print how many bad blocks in each segment (implies -a).

              -i     Identify the files; don't do info on them.

              -w     Wide output; print more than 1 line if necessary.

              -s <segment>
                     Just print information about 'segment' (may be repeated).

              -m     Validate MD5 hash of entire image.

              -S     Validate SHA1 hash of entire image.

              -v     Validate the hash of each page (if present).

              -y     Don't print segments of lengths 16 and 20 as hex.

                     Specify <passphrase> to decrypt a file.

              -l     Just print the segment names and exit

              -V     Just print the version number and exit.

       Preview Options:

              -X     No data preview; just print the segment names.

              -x     Print binary values in hex (default is ASCII).


              -d     Debug.

              -A     If infile is a device, print the number of sectors and sector size to stdout
                     in XML.


       affcat(1),   affcompare(1),   affconvert(1),  affcopy(1),  affcrypto(1),  affdiskprint(1),
       affix(1), affrecover(1), affsegment(1), affsign(1), affstats(1), affuse(1),  affverify(1),


       The AFFLIB was written by Simson L. Garfinkel <> and Basis Technology, Inc.

       This  manual  page  was  written by Joao Eriberto Mota Filho <> for the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).