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       Aghermann  --  a  sleep  research  experiment  manager  and  Achermann  et al (1993) model


       aghermann [-l LOG_FILE] [-n] [EXP_ROOT_DIR]


       Aghermann is a GTK+ program designed to run Process S simulations  on  Slow-Wave  Activity
       profiles  from  EEG  recordings  as outlined in Achermann et al (1993).  In this capacity,
       Aghermann produces a set of sleep homeostat parameters which can be used to  describe  and
       differentiate individual sleepers, such as short vs long sleepers, early vs late, etc.

       Also   provided  are  general-purpose  facilities  for  displaying  EEG  and  accompanying
       recordings, such as EOG and EMG, saved in EDF (European Data Format) files (plain  EDF  as
       well  as  EDF+C  are supported).  These recordings can then be conveniently scored; scores
       can be imported/exported in plain ASCII.  Scoring can be outsourced  to  external  scripts
       written in lua.


       If  run  without  arguments,  your last session will be restored; an experiment located in
       EXP_ROOT_DIR will be selected otherwise.

       With option -n (and an EXP_ROOT_DIR, which is non-optional in this case),  the  experiment
       session in that directory will be initialised and immediately closed, upon which Aghermann
       will exit.  No windows will be open and no GTK+ code run; this option was implemented with
       the idea of running the core structural part of Aghermann under valgrind.

       With  option -l LOG_FILE, aghermann will write a log of its inner workings to LOG_FILE; if
       the latter is "-", stdout is used.  By default, (almost all) logging is suppressed.


       For Aghermann to be able to manage an EDF file, all relevant fields in its header must  be
       filled out correctly, as follows:

       •      patient_id uniquely identifies the subject;

       •      recording_id  identifies the recording session (out of several other such sessions,
              each containing the same series of episodes) and the individual episode.  These two
              items must appear in one of the following combinations:

           •      "Session/Episode"

           •      "Session : Episode"

           •      "Episode (Session)"

       •      recording_date  and recording_time must not overlap with other episodes in the same
              session and not be too far removed from each other (more than 7 days).


       ~/.config/aghermann/sessionrc, contains a list of paths to recent experiment trees.

       ./.agherman.conf and ./.expdesign.conf, saved settings of the experiment located in
              this tree.


       edfhed-gtk(1), edfhed(1), edfcat(1).

       The project’s git repository is kept on and also on; more details on the
       Achermann   model   as   well  as  on  usage  and  project  background  can  be  found  at


       Aghermann is written by Andrei Zavada <>. Parts of the code have  been
       borrowed   from   (in   src/libexstrom);   some  bare  algorithms  in
       libsigfile/mc.*   are   those   found   in    C#    files    zipped    and    posted    at