Provided by: gigtools_4.3.0~ds1-2_amd64 bug


       akaiextract - Extract audio samples from an AKAI media or AKAI disk image file.


       akaiextract SOURCE DESTDIR


       Reads an AKAI media (i.e. from a CDROM drive, ZIP drive or directly from an AKAI hard disk
       drive) or AKAI disk image file and extracts all its audio samples as  .wav  files  to  the
       given  output directory. If the given output directory does not exist yet, then it will be


              On Windows: drive letter of the source disk drive to read from.  On  POSIX  systems
              (i.e. Linux, Mac): path to the input source, which may either be an AKAI disk image
              file already being available on your HD, or a disk drive path (i.e.  '/dev/cdrom').
              On  Mac: You can omit this argument on Mac, which will cause it to access the CDROM
              drive automatically ('/dev/rdisk1s0').

              Output path where all samples should be extracted to. If  the  directory  does  not
              exist yet, then it will be created.


       akaidump(1), gigdump(1), gigextract(1), korgdump(1), sf2dump(1)


       Check and report bugs at


       This  program  and  its library are based on Sébastien Métrot's libakai. This is a fork of
       libakai and its tools which is now also  providing  support  for  LINUX  and  other  POSIX
       compliant  operating  system,  and it does not have a dependency to libngl as the original
       libakai had. Linux port and man page written by Christian Schoenebeck <>