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       ao-ejection - Compute rocket ejection charges


       ao-ejection diameter(mm) length(mm) force(N)


       ao-ejection computes the amount of black powder necessary to generate the desired force to
       separate sections of a rocket airframe. It assumes a cylindrical  airspace  covered  by  a
       circular  cap.  With  that and the force to be exerted on the cap, ao-ejection can compute
       the necessary pressure rise within the chamber, the volume of gas  necessary  and  finally
       the mass of BP to generate the gas.


            $ ao-ejection 54 300 500
            Input parameters:
                Diameter: 54.0 (mm) 2.126 (in)
                Length: 300.0 (mm) 11.811 (in)
                Force: 500.0 (N) 112.404 (lb)
            Chamber values:
                Area: 2290 (mm²) 3.550 (in²)
                Volume: 687066 (mm³) 41.927 (in³)
                Pressure: 31.66 (lb/in²) 0.21832 (N/mm²)
                FFFF powder: 0.685 (g)

       This  demonstrates  that a 54mm airframe with a 300mm chamber requires .685g of FFFF BP to
       generate 112lb of force on the end of the chamber. This is usually sufficient to sever two
       2x56 nylon screws.


       Keith Packard

                                           ao-ejection                             AO-EJECTION(1)