Provided by: xymon_4.3.30-1build2_amd64 bug


       appfeed.cgi - Xymon CGI feeder for Smartphone apps


       appfeed.cgi [options]


       appfeed.cgi is invoked as a CGI script via the CGI wrapper.

       appfeed.cgi   is   optionally   passed   a  QUERY_STRING  environment  variable  with  the
       "filter=FILTER" parameter. FILTER is a  filter  for  the  "xymondboard"  command  sent  to
       xymond(8) daemon. These filters are described in detail in the xymon(1) manual. Typically,
       the filter will specify  hosts  found  on  a  specific  (sub)page  to  be  returned,  e.g.
       "filter=page=webservers"  will  cause appfeed.cgi to only return hosts that are present on
       the "webservers" page in Xymon.

       If no filter is specified, appfeed.cgi returns data for all red, yellow or purple statuses
       (equivalent  to  the  data  present  on  the "All non-green" page), or if invoked with the
       "--critical" option it returns data from the "Critical systems" page.

       The output is an XML document with the current status of the selected hosts/services.


              Loads the environment from FILENAME before executing the CGI.

              FILENAME  specifies   the   "Critical   Systems"   configuration   file   (default:
              critical.cfg).   appfeed.cgi  will  only  return  the  statuses  currently  on  the
              "Critical Systems" view.

              In addition to the filtering done by the "filter"  parameter  or  the  "--critical"
              option,  this  option  limits  the  output  to hosts that the user has access to as
              defined   in   the   Apache-compatible   group-definitions   in    FILENAME.    See
              xymon-webaccess(5)  for  more  details of this.   Note: Use of this option requires
              that access to the appfeed.cgi tool is password-protected by  whatever  means  your
              webserver  software  provides,  and  that  the  login  userid  is available via the
              REMOTE_USER environment variable (this is standard CGI behaviour, so all webservers
              should provide it if you use the webserver's built-in authentication mechanisms).


       xymon(1), critical.cfg(5), xymon-webaccess(5)