Provided by: aqsis_1.8.2+git20210815-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       aqsl  -  shader  compiler  from  Aqsis  Renderer,  a 3D rendering solution adhering to the
       RenderMan(R) standard


       aqsl [options] <filename>


       -o %s  specify output filename

       -i%s   Set path for #include files.

       -I%s   Set path for #include files.

              define symbol <string> to have value <value> (default: 1).

       -USym  Undefine an initial symbol.

       -backend %s
              Compiler backend (default slx).   Possibilities  include  "slx"  or  "dot":  slx  -
              produce  a  compiled  shader  (in  the aqsis shader VM stack language) dot - make a
              graphviz visualization of the parse tree (useful for debugging only).

       -h, -help
              Print this help and exit

              Print version information and exit

       -nc, -nocolor
              Disable colored output

       -d     dump sl data

       -v, -verbose=integer
              Set log output level 0 = errors 1 = warnings (default) 2 = information 3 = debug

       compiled Jun  5 2012 15:57:24


       This manual page was created by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <>
       for Debian, with the help of 'help2man' and adding fixing some issues.  The original Aqsis
       project doesn't ship manual pages.


       The main place for documentation for Aqsis is