Provided by: nordugrid-arc-client_6.15.1-3_amd64 bug


       arctest - ARC Test Suite


       The arctest command tests basic ARC client and server setup.


       arctest [options]


       -c, --cluster=name
              select  one  or  more  computing  elements: name can be an alias for a single CE, a
              group of CEs or a URL

       -g, --index=name
              select one or more registries: name can be an alias for a single registry, a  group
              of registries or a URL

       -R, --rejectdiscovery=URL
              skip the service with the given URL during service discovery

       -S, --submissioninterface=InterfaceName
              only   use   this   interface   for   submitting   (e.g.  org.nordugrid.gridftpjob,
              org.ogf.glue.emies.activitycreation, org.ogf.bes)

       -I, --infointerface=InterfaceName
              the computing element specified by URL at the command line should be queried  using
              this     information    interface    (possible    options:    org.nordugrid.ldapng,
              org.nordugrid.ldapglue2, org.nordugrid.wsrfglue2, org.ogf.glue.emies.resourceinfo)

       -J jobid, --jobid=jobid
              submits testjob given by the jobid.

       -r time, --runtime=time
              test job runtime specified in case of the 1st test job.

       -j, --joblist=filename
              the file storing information about active jobs (default ~/.arc/jobs.xml)

       -o, --jobids-to-file=filename
              the IDs of the submitted jobs will be appended to this file

       -D, --dryrun
              submit jobs as dry run (no submission to batch system)

              submit directly - no resource discovery or matchmaking

       -x, --dumpdescription
              do not submit - dump job description in the language accepted by the target

       -E, --certificate
              prints information about installed user- and CA-certificates

       -P, --listplugins
              list the available plugins

       -t, --timeout=seconds
              timeout in seconds (default 20)

       -z, --conffile=filename
              configuration file (default ~/.arc/client.conf)

       -d, --debug=debuglevel

       -b, --broker=broker
              selected broker: Random (default), FastestQueue or custom

       -v, -version
              print version information

       -h, -help
              print usage information


       The arctest command is used for basic  testing  of  ARC  client  and  server  installation
       through  submitting  various  test  jobs. It can also print basic information about user's
       certificate. The command is complementary to arcinfo and arcproxy -I

       The test jobs available in this version of arctest are:

       Test job 1: This test-job calculates prime-numbers for a number of  minutes  given  by  -r
       (default  5) and outputs the list to stderr. The source-code for the prime-number program,
       the Makefile and the executable are downloaded to the cluster from HTTP  and  FTP  servers
       and the program is compiled before running. In this way, the test job constitutes a fairly
       comprehensive test of the basic setup of a grid cluster.

       Test job 2: attempts to list all environment variables at the remote site

       Test job 3: copies a remote file from an HTTP server into a local file


       arctest -J 1 -c <clustername>

       will submit test job number 1 to the specified cluster belonging to the flavor of it.

       arctest --certificate

       will print basic information about the user's certificate.


       APACHE LICENSE Version 2.0


       ARC software is  developed  by  the  NorduGrid  Collaboration  (,
       please  consult  the  AUTHORS  file  distributed  with ARC. Please report bugs and feature
       requests to


       arccat(1),   arcclean(1),   arccp(1),   arcget(1),   arcinfo(1),   arckill(1),   arcls(1),
       arcmkdir(1),  arcproxy(1),  arcrenew(1),  arcresub(1), arcresume(1), arcrm(1), arcstat(1),
       arcsub(1), arcsync(1)