Provided by: aseqjoy_0.0.2-1_amd64 bug


       aseqjoy - Joystick to ALSA MIDI Sequencer Converter


       aseqjoy [options]


       Aseqjoy  maps  each  axis  of  a joystick device to a specific MIDI controller. Moving the
       joystick along an axis will cause aseqjoy to emit  MIDI  controller  messages  via  ALSA's
       sequencer  API.  The  value  of  the controller message represents the joystick's position
       along the axis (eg ´left´ -> 0, ´middle´ -> 63, ´right´ -> 127). Note  that  you  can  run
       aseqjoy  with the ´-r´ commandline switch to use fine MIDI control change messages instead
       (with 14 bit resolution).

       Aseqjoy uses the ALSA sequencer API to emit the  MIDI  events.  Therefor  it  creates  and
       output port named after joystick used. You can then use for example aconnect, QjackCtrl or
       the alsa-patch-bay to connect an aseqjoy instance to an input port of your choice.

       Note: Some joysticks may have to be calibrated  (with  jscal)  before  they  can  be  used


       -h     Display help info

       -d [joystick]
              Select  the  joystick to use for aseqjoy, where [joystick] is an integer value from
              from 0 to 3 effectivley selecting devices js0 to js3.

       -v     Verbose mode - aseqjoy will output information about the MIDI events sent.

       -0 [controller]
              Select the MIDI controller ID for axis 0. As a default value aseqjoy will use 10  +
              the axis ID, so for axis 0 that would be 10 + 0 = 10.

       -1 [controller], -2 [controller], -3 [controller],
              Just like -0 this will set the controller IDs for axes 1, 2, 3.

       -r     Use  fine  MIDI  control  change  messages  instead  (14  bit  insstead  of  7  bit


       After aseqjoy has started successfully all motion detected by the selected joystick device
       will  cause  MIDI  controller  messages to be emitted via the corresponding ALSA sequencer
       output port. The controller IDs are either the default values (10, 11, 12 ...) or the ones
       given as commandline options.

       Pressing  a  joystick  button  will  cause  aseqjoy to switch the MIDI channel. On startup
       channel '1' is selected. Pressing joystick button 2 will cause channel 2 to  be  selected.
       Other buttons work accordingly.


       aseqjoy  comes  under  the  terms  of the GNU General Public License Version 2 or (at your
       option) any later version - for details please refer to the file COPYING included with the
       aseqjoy source code.


       Man page and software by Alexander Koenig <>.


       jscal(1), aconnect(1)