Provided by: direwolf_1.6+dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       atest - Decode AX.25 frames from an audio file.


       atest [ options ] wav-file-in

              wav-file-in is a WAV format audio file.


       atest  is  a  test  application  which decodes AX.25 frames from an audio recording.  This
       provides an easy way to test Dire Wolf decoding performance much quicker than normal real-


       -B n   Data rate in bits/sec.  Standard values are 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600.
                     300 bps defaults to AFSK tones of 1600 & 1800.
                     1200 bps uses AFSK tones of 1200 & 2200.
                     2400 bps uses QPSK based on V.26 standard.
                     4800 bps uses 8PSK based on V.27 standard.
                     9600 bps and up uses K9NG/G3RUH standard.

       -g     Force G3RUH modem regardless of data rate.

       -j     2400 bps QPSK compatible with Dire Wolf <= 1.5.

       -J     2400 bps QPSK compatible with MFJ-2400.

       -D n   Divide audio sample rate by n.

       -h     Print frame contents as hexadecimal bytes.

       -F n   Amount  of effort to try fixing frames with an invalid CRC.  0 (default) = consider
              only correct frames.  1 = Try to fix only a single bit.  more = Try modifying  more
              bits to get a good CRC.

       -L     Error if Less than this number decoded.

       -G     Error if Greater than this number decoded.

       -P m   Select  the  demodulator type such as D (default for 300 bps), E+ (default for 1200
              bps), PQRS for 2400 bps, etc.


       gen_packets -o test1.wav
       atest test1.wav

       gen_packets -B 300 -o test3.wav
       atest -B 300 test3.wav

       gen_packets -B 9600 -o test9.wav
       atest -B 9600 test9.wav

              This generates and decodes 3 test files with 1200, 300, and 9600 bits per second.

       atest 02_Track_2.wav
       atest -P E- 02_Track_2.wav
       atest -F 1 02_Track_2.wav
       atest -P E- -F 1 02_Track_2.wav

              Try different combinations of options to compare decoding performance.


       More      detailed      information      is      in      the      PDF       files       at

       Applications  in this package: aclients, atest, cm108, decode_aprs, direwolf, gen_packets,
       kissutil, ll2utm, log2gpx, text2tt, tt2text, utm2ll