Provided by: hxtools_20211204-1_amd64 bug


       aumeta — move seek index and adjust metadata of audio files


       aumeta  [-n]  [-G  genre]  [-N  tracknum]  [-a  artist]  [-d  iso8601date]  [-l album] [-m
       key=value] [-t title]


       aumeta will utilize ffmpeg to reorder the seek index to the front to facilitate streaming,
       and, optionally, rewrite metadata in audio files.

       The  tool has only been tested with MPEG-4 and Ogg-Opus containers; it is not working with
       MP3 (will be a no-op).


       -G string
              Set the genre in the metadata section to the given value.

       -N number
              Set the track number in the metadata.

       -a string
              Set the artist name in the metadata.

       -d yyyy-mm-dd
              Set the datestamp in the metadata.

       -l string
              Set the album name in the metadata.

       -m key=value
              Set an arbitrary key/value pair in the metadata.

       -n     Remove any video content found in the file.

       -t string
              Set the track title in the metadata.

See also

       hxtools(7), ffmpeg(1)