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       aupanel - allows user adjustment of Network Audio System device attributes


       aupanel [-audio servername] [-device id] [-interval seconds]


       aupanel  provides  an  X-based  window-oriented  interface allowing the user to adjust the
       attributes of the devices provided by the Network Audio System service.


       The following options may be used with aupanel:

       -audio servername
               This option specifies the Network Audio System server to contact.

       -device id
               This option specifies the initially activated audio device on the server.  If  the
               id  is a decimal number n, the nth device returned by the server is used. If it is
               a hexadecimal number (starting with 0x) it is used as the resource  identifier  of
               the  desired  device.  Otherwise,  id should be the exact device name (e.g. Stereo
               Channel Output).  You can use auinfo to query an audioserver for this information.

       -interval seconds
               aupanel queries the device attributes in regular intervals with a  default  length
               of  10  seconds.  With  this  option a different interval length can be specified.
               Using an interval length of 0 disables the automatic querying.

       Additionally, options from the Athena Widget Set can be used.


       aupanel uses the X Toolkit Intrinsics and the Athena Widget Set.   For  more  information,
       see the Athena Widget Set documentation.


       To  adjust  the  attributes  of a device, select the desired device from the Devices menu.
       The device gain may be adjusted using the Gain slider.  If applicable,  the  device  input
       mode can be toggled between Line-In and Microphone by clicking on the appropriate box.  If
       applicable, the device output mode can be selected by clicking on the Speaker,  Headphone,
       and Line-Out boxes.  Some output devices may support combinations of these selections.

       To query the current device attributes, click on the Query button.

       To mute (resp. unmute) the current device, click on the Mute button.


       In  addition  to  the  standard  toolkit  environment variables, the following environment
       variables are used by aupanel:

               This variable specifies the default audio server  to  contact  if  -audio  is  not
               specified  on the command line.  If this variable is not set and the -audio is not
               specified on the command line, aupanel will attempt to connect to the audio server
               running on the X Window System display.


       nas(1), auctl(1), auinfo(1), X(1)


       Copyright 1993, 1994 Network Computing Devices, Inc.


       Greg Renda, Network Computing Devices, Inc.

                                              1.9.4                                    AUPANEL(1)