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       aurecord - record a sound file from a Network Audio System server


       aurecord  [-audio  servername]  [-file  format]  [-data format] [-rate sample rate] [-mode
       input mode] [-gain input gain] [-time seconds] [-comment comment] [-?] filename


       The aurecord program can be used to record audio data from a Network Audio  System  server
       into  a  file.  The recording will continue until either the specified time has elapsed or
       aurecord receives a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal.


       The following options may be used with the aurecord program:

       -audio servername
               The Network Audio System server from which the file should be recorded.

       -file format
               The file format to be used for the  recorded  audio  data.   The  -?  option  will
               display a list of valid file formats.  The default file format is Sun/NeXT.

       -data format
               The  data  format  to  be  used  for  the recorded audio data.  The -? option will
               display a list of valid data formats.  Note that each file format may only support
               selected data formats.  The default data format is 8-bit uLAW.

       -rate sample rate
               The sampling rate (in hertz) for the recording.  The default rate is 8000 Hz.

       -mode input mode
               Some Network Audio System servers may have different input amplification modes for
               microphone input versus line level input.  This option  allows  the  amplification
               mode  to be specified.  The two modes available are "mic" for microphone input and
               "line" for line level input.  The default mode is "mic".

       -gain input gain
               The input gain level in percent.  The default is 75%.

       -time seconds
               The time, in seconds, for the recording.  If this option  is  not  used,  aurecord
               will record until a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal is received.

       -comment comment
               A comment to be stored in the data file.

       -?      Displays a usage message and a list of supported file and data formats.




       Copyright 1993, 1994 Network Computing Devices, Inc.


       Greg Renda, Network Computing Devices, Inc.

                                              1.9.4                                   AURECORD(1)