Provided by: libavifile-0.7-bin_0.7.48~20090503.ds-25build1_amd64 bug


       aviplay - QT-based movie player


       aviplay [options] [ files | URLs ]


       aviplay  is  a  QT-based  player for various avi, asf, mpeg4 movie files.  Avifile project
       creates library that allows programs to read and write  compressed  AVI/ASF  files  (Indeo
       Video,  DivX  :-), etc.)  under Unix OS. (De)compression is performed with various plugins
       (included Win32 DLLs for x86_32 OS) if native codec is  not  available.   Win32  libraries
       have to be downloaded separately. Primarily the ffmpeg project is used for codecs and also
       for stream parsing. Over the time it's possible the project will mostly blend into ffmpeg.


       * low CPU usage (movies playable even P200MMX)

       * smooth video (using threads and frame precaching)

       * supports streamed .asf files

       * audio resampling suppport

       * modular design


       -h --help Show help message

       -c --codec [help]
              Set codec options (use help to see options for this parameter)

       -s --size <width:height>
              Start playing movie at dimensions X * Y.

       -f --fullscreen
              Start playing movie in fullscreen.

       -f --maximize
              Start playing movie in maximized mode (i.e. preserve current resolution).

       --seek <position>
              Seek to given position in movie.

       -sub --subtitle <filename>
              Use give file as the source for subtitles.

       -subcp --subtitle_codepage <codepage>
              Select codepage for subtitles. They are internaly encoded into UTF-8.  See iconv(3)
              for  available  codepages.  Codepage  "default"  means  current default encoding in
              system. Example of codepages: CP1250, ISO8859-2, default.

       -subfont --subtitle_font <fontname>
              Select font for subtitles. At this moment only X11 fonts are supported  (either  in
              traditional "-misc-*" or TTF notation)

       -ac --audio-codec <codecname>
              Prefered  codec  to  be  used  for  movie  audio  decoding.  Use with "help" to see
              available audio codecs.

       -vc --video-codec <codecname>
              Prefered codec to be used for  movie  video  decoding.   Use  with  "help"  to  see
              available video codecs.

       --rc   Enables remote control (stdin|stdout).

SHELL variables:

       WIN32_PATH  -  can  be used to override library path /usr/lib/win32 which holds MS Windows
       binary dll codecs.

       AVIPLUGIN_PATH - can be used to override library path /usr/lib/avifile which holds avifile

       AVIPLAY_MUTE_AUDIO - if set shows just video track

       AVIPLAY_MUTE_VIDEO - if set plays just audio track

       AVIPLAY_NOSYNC - do not synchronize audio and video track


       WRITE_ASF - write asf file received over the network to file (/tmp/*.asf)


       Press the About button in aviplay's GUI for more details about the usage and configuation.

       Aviplay  automaticaly searches for subtitle file with the same name as the original ".avi"
       file but with .sub, .SUB, .srt, .SRT, .txt, .TXT, .smi, .SMI suffix.

       For Debian users: After the discussion with the autor I have came to the  conclusion  that
       GSM  codec  is  legaly distributed under GPL terms since this piece of code was donated to
       the project by the original author which was using it in the non-GPL project xanim.

SEE ALSO for the original source and main  CVS  archive  for  binary
       codecs.  for  mplayer  -  an  excelent  player with more options and supported


       Original author: Eugene Kuznetsov <>

       Current developer: Zdenek Kabelac <>