Provided by: ax25mail-utils_0.14-1_amd64 bug


       axgetlist - read the message list from the BBS


       axgetlist [-b bbsname] [-s startnum]


       Axgetlist works as a replacement of ulistd(8) for those users who donĀ“t have permission to
       use the unproto lists or who find it unreliable. Axgetlist connects the  home  BBS,  sends
       the  commands  for getting the list of new messages and adds it to the same file as ulistd
       does. This allows one to use all the mail utilities the same way as with ulistd.

       Each BBS can use different format of message lists.  The  format  for  your  BBS  must  be
       carefuly  specified  in  the  configuration file /etc/ax25/axgetlist.conf (see the example
       configuration file for more information).


       After the successful  connect  to  the  BBS  axgetlist  attempts  to  execute  the  script
       /var/ax25/auth_agent  and  redirects  its stdin and stdout to the BBS. The BBS callsign is
       passed as the first command line argument. The  script  should  take  actions  needed  for
       user's  authorization  to  the  BBS.  When the script execution fails, axgetlist continues
       downloading the message list without authorization.




       ulistd(8) axgetmsg(1) msgcleanup(1) ax25(4)


       Radek Burget OK2JBG <>