Provided by: b3sum_1.2.0-1_amd64 bug


       b3sum - compute and check BLAKE3 hash


       b3sum [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [FILE]...


       Print or check BLAKE3 checksums.

       With no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.

       -c, --check
              Reads BLAKE3 sums from the [file]s and checks them

       -h, --help
              Prints help information

              Uses  the  keyed  mode.  The secret key is read from standard input, and it must be
              exactly 32 raw bytes.

              Disables memory mapping. Currently this also disables multithreading.

              Omits filenames in the output

              Skips printing OK for each successfully verified file.  Must be used with --check.

       --raw  Writes raw output bytes to stdout, rather than hex.  --no-names is implied. In this
              case, only a single input is allowed.

       -V, --version
              Prints version information

       --derive-key <CONTEXT>
              Uses  the  key  derivation mode, with the given context string. Cannot be used with

       -l, --length <LEN>
              The number of output bytes, prior to hex encoding (default 32)

       --num-threads <NUM>
              The maximum number of threads to use. By default, this is  the  number  of  logical
              cores.   If  this  flag is omitted, or if its value is 0, RAYON_NUM_THREADS is also

              Files to hash, or checkfiles to check. When no file is given, or when -  is  given,
              read standard input.