Provided by: node-babel7_7.18.8+~cs214.249.185-1_all bug


       babel-node.js - CLI that works exactly the same as the Node.js CLI, with the added benefit
       of compiling with Babel presets and plugins before running it


       babel-node [options] [ -e script | script.js ] [arguments]


       -e, --eval [script]
              Evaluate script

              Specify whether or not to use .babelrc and .babelignore files

       -r, --require [module]
              Require module

       -p, --print [code]
              Evaluate script and print result

       -o, --only [globs]
              A comma-separated list of glob patterns to compile

       -i, --ignore [globs]
              A comma-separated list of glob patterns to skip compiling

       -x, --extensions [extensions]
              List of extensions to hook into [.es6,.js,.es,.jsx,.mjs]

       --config-file [path]
              Path to the babel config file to use. Defaults to working directory babel.config.js

       --env-name [name]
              The name of the 'env' to use when loading configs  and  plugins.  Defaults  to  the
              value of BABEL_ENV, or else NODE_ENV, or else 'development'.

       --root-mode [mode]
              The  project-root  resolution  mode.  One  of  'root'  (the  default), 'upward', or

       -w, --plugins [string]

       -b, --presets [string]

       -V, --version
              output the version number

       -h, --help
              display help for command