Provided by: node-babel7_7.18.8+~cs214.249.185-1_all bug


       babel.js - The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript


       babel [options] <files ...>


       -f, --filename [filename]
              The  filename  to  use  when  reading from stdin. This will be used in source-maps,
              errors etc.

       --presets [list]
              A comma-separated list of preset names.

       --plugins [list]
              A comma-separated list of plugin names.

       --config-file [path]
              Path to a .babelrc file to use.

       --env-name [name]
              The name of the 'env' to use when loading configs  and  plugins.  Defaults  to  the
              value of BABEL_ENV, or else NODE_ENV, or else 'development'.

       --root-mode [mode]
              The  project-root  resolution  mode.  One  of  'root'  (the  default), 'upward', or

       --source-type [script|module]

              Whether or not to look up .babelrc and .babelignore files.

       --ignore [list]
              List of glob paths to **not** compile.

       --only [list]
              List of glob paths to **only** compile.

              Enable or disable ANSI syntax highlighting of code frames. (on by default)

              Write comments to generated output. (true by default)

              Retain line numbers. This will result in really ugly code.

       --compact [true|false|auto]
              Do not include superfluous whitespace characters and line terminators.

              Save as many bytes when printing. (false by default)

       --auxiliary-comment-before [string]
              Print a comment before any injected non-user code.

       --auxiliary-comment-after [string]
              Print a comment after any injected non-user code.

       -s, --source-maps [true|false|inline|both]

       --source-map-target [string]
              Set `file` on returned source map.

       --source-file-name [string]
              Set `sources[0]` on returned source map.

       --source-root [filename]
              The root from which all sources are relative.

       --module-root [filename]
              Optional prefix for the AMD module formatter that will be prepended to the filename
              on module definitions.

       -M, --module-ids
              Insert an explicit id for modules.

       --module-id [string]
              Specify a custom name for module ids.

       -x, --extensions [extensions]
              List   of   extensions   to   compile   when   a  directory  has  been  the  input.

              Preserve the file extensions of the input files.

       -w, --watch
              Recompile files on changes.

              Do not compile files before watching.

       -o, --out-file [out]
              Compile all input files into a single file.

       -d, --out-dir [out]
              Compile an input directory of modules into an output directory.

              Compile into an output directory relative to  input  directory  or  file.  Requires
              --out-dir [out]

       -D, --copy-files
              When compiling a directory copy over non-compilable files.

              Include dotfiles when compiling and copying non-compilable files.

              Exclude ignored files when copying non-compilable files.

              Log everything. This option conflicts with --quiet

              Don't log anything. This option conflicts with --verbose

              Delete the out directory before compilation.

       --out-file-extension [string]
              Use a specific extension for the output files

       -V, --version
              output the version number

       -h, --help
              display help for command