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       backblaze-b2 - B2 Command Line Tool


       This program provides command-line access to the B2 service.


              backblaze-b2 authorize-account [<accountId>] [<applicationKey>]
              backblaze-b2 cancel-all-unfinished-large-files <bucketName>
              backblaze-b2 cancel-large-file <fileId>
              backblaze-b2 clear-account
              backblaze-b2    create-bucket    [--bucketInfo    <json>]    [--corsRules   <json>]
              [--lifecycleRules <json>] \
                     <bucketName> [allPublic | allPrivate]
              backblaze-b2 delete-bucket <bucketName>
              backblaze-b2 delete-file-version [<fileName>] <fileId>
              backblaze-b2 download-file-by-id [--noProgress] <fileId> <localFileName>
              backblaze-b2   download-file-by-name   [--noProgress]    <bucketName>    <fileName>
              backblaze-b2 get-account-info
              backblaze-b2 get-bucket <bucketName>
              backblaze-b2     get-download-auth    [--prefix    <fileNamePrefix>]    [--duration
              <durationInSeconds>] <bucketName>
              backblaze-b2 get-file-info <fileId>
              backblaze-b2 help [commandName]
              backblaze-b2 hide-file <bucketName> <fileName>
              backblaze-b2 list-buckets
              backblaze-b2 list-file-names <bucketName> [<startFileName>] [<maxToShow>]
              backblaze-b2  list-file-versions  <bucketName>  [<startFileName>]   [<startFileId>]
              backblaze-b2 list-parts <largeFileId>
              backblaze-b2 list-unfinished-large-files <bucketName>
              backblaze-b2 ls [--long] [--versions] <bucketName> [<folderName>]
              backblaze-b2 make-url <fileId>
              backblaze-b2 sync [--delete] [--keepDays N] [--skipNewer] [--replaceNewer] \
                     [--compareVersions <option>] [--threads N] [--noProgress] \
                     [--excludeRegex <regex> [--includeRegex <regex>]] [--dryRun] \
                     <source> <destination>
              backblaze-b2    update-bucket    [--bucketInfo    <json>]    [--corsRules   <json>]
              [--lifecycleRules <json>] \
                     <bucketName> [allPublic | allPrivate]
              backblaze-b2 upload-file [--sha1 <sha1sum>] [--contentType <contentType>] \
                     [--info <key>=<value>]* [--minPartSize N] \
                     [--noProgress] [--threads N] <bucketName> <localFilePath> <b2FileName>
              backblaze-b2 version

              For more details on one command: b2 help <command>


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