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       backport-dsc - backport Debian source packages


       backport-dsc [OPTIONS] <dsc-file>


       Helper to aid backporting a Debian source package to an arbitrary distribution release.

       backport-dsc  aids  backporting  by  appropriately  mangling  the  source package version,
       adjusting the maintainer of a  package  and  compiling  an  informative  changelog  entry.
       Moreover,  it  supports  distribution  specific  patches (plain, or for format 3.0 (quilt)
       source packages) and allow modification of debian/control via arbitrary 'sed' expressions.

       Backport relevant patches can be embedded in source packages for  use  with  backport-dsc.
       The  distribution  name  (see --target-distribution) serves as an identifier to search for
       patches in the source package that shall be applied for  a  particular  distribution.  For
       packages    using    format    the    3.0    (quilt),    backport-dsc    will   look   for
       debian/patches/series-<distname> and  append  it  to  the  main  patch  series.  Moreover,
       backport-dsc will also look for patches matching /debian/patches/<distname>-dsc-patch* and
       apply them to the source package. The latter patches, unlike the former quilt series,  can
       also be used to modify the debian/ directory itself.


       -d <distname>, --target-distribution <distname>

              Arbitrary  distribution  name  (e.g.  squeeze-backports).  This  will be the target
              distribution used for the backport changelog  entry.  The  distribution  name  also
              serves as an identifier to search for backport patches in the source package.

       -h, --help

              Print short description, usage summary and option list.

       --maint-email <email>

              Specify  the  backport maintainer's email address. Alternatively, backport-dsc will
              use the DEBEMAIL environment setting.

       --maint-name <name>

              Specify the backport maintainer's real name. Alternatively, backport-dsc  will  use
              the DEBFULLNAME environment setting.

       --mod-control <expression>

              sed expression to modify debian/control. The option can be given multiple times and
              all expressions will be passed to sed in the order of appearance.  This can be used
              to, e.g. change build or runtime dependencies.


              If set, potentially existing backport patches will not be applied/activated.


              If set, backport-dsc won't colorize its status and error messages.


              If set, the orginal maintainer is preserved in the backported source package.  This
              should only be done if original maintainer and backporter are identical.  Otherwise
              the  porter should take responsibility for the source package backport and identify
              herself as the maintainer.

       -s <string>, --version-suffix <string>

              Version suffix that will be  appended  to  the  original  source  package  version,
              ideally  indicating the backport target distribution. The resulting package version
              will follow this schema:


              e.g.: 1.2.3-4~bpo60+1 with default <prefix>=~

       -p <string>, --version-prefix <string>

       Version prefix that will be prepended to the backport version.
              By default it

              is ~ but want to be changed (e.g. to +) for forward-porting to next releases.


              Enable additional status messages.


              Print all available help.


              Print version information and exit.


       backport-dsc acknowledges the common environment variables  DEBFULLNAME  and  DEBEMAIL  to
       specify the maintainer.


       backport-dsc  reads  configuration from two files: system-wide from /etc/backports-dsc and
       per user settings from $HOME/.backport-dsc (in that order). Both files have  to  be  valid
       bash  scripts  that  will  be sourced by backport-dsc. The following variables (each shown
       with an example setting) can be used to pre-configure backport-dsc:


              Backport target distribution (see --backport-distribution)


              Version prefix (see --version-prefix)


              Version suffix (see --version-suffix)

       bp_maintainer_name="Unknown fellow"

              Name of the backport maintainer (see --maint-name)


              Email address of backport maintainer (see --maint-email)


              Whether or not  to  apply  backport  patches  found  in  a  source  package.   (see


              Enable or disable colored status output (see --no-color)


              Enable verbose status output (see --verbose)

       bp_mod_control="--mod-control 's/^Depends:.*$/&, mypackage/'"

              sed  expressions  to  modify  debian/control,  for example to add dependencies (see


              Whether or not to replace the original maintainer in the backported source  package
              (see --no-maintainer-update)


       backport-dsc examplepkg_1.2.3-4.dsc

              Create backport suitable for

       backport-dsc -d myown-backports -v mo2010 examplepkg_1.2.3-4.dsc

              Create backport for some custom distribution with custom version suffix.

       backport-dsc   -d   ubuntu-lucid   -v  myppa  --mod-control  "-e  's/iceweasel/firefox/g'"

              Create a backport for a fake Ubuntu PPA repository, replacing  all  occurrences  of
              iceweasel in debian/control with firefox.


       Written by Michael Hanke for the NeuroDebian project.


       Report bugs to <>.


       Copyright © 2010-2012 Michael Hanke <>

       Licensed under GNU Public License version 2 or later.
       This  is  free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty; not