Provided by: biobambam2_2.0.183+ds-1_amd64 bug


       bamrank - insert the rank (line number) of each alignment as an auxiliary field for tag zz


       bamrank [options]


       bamrank  reads  a  BAM  file  from standard input, inserts a new auxiliary field tagged zz
       containing the rank  (line  number)  of  the  respective  read/alignment  and  writes  the
       resulting  data  to  standard  output  as a BAM file. This rank can be used to restore the
       original order of the file after reordering by using the sequence

       bamzztoname | bamsort SO=queryname | bam12strip

       The following key=value pairs can be given:

       level=<-1|0|1|9|11>: set compression level of the output BAM file. Valid values are

       -1:    zlib/gzip default compression level

       0:     uncompressed

       1:     zlib/gzip level 1 (fast) compression

       9:     zlib/gzip level 9 (best) compression

       If libmaus has been compiled with support for  igzip  (see
       data) then an additional valid value is

       11:    igzip compression

       verbose=<1>: Valid values are

       1:     print progress report on standard error

       0:     do not print progress report

       tmpfile=<filename>: prefix for temporary files. By default the temporary files are created
       in the current directory

       md5=<0|1>: md5 checksum creation for output file. Valid values are

       0:     do not compute checksum. This is the default.

       1:     compute  checksum.  If  the md5filename key is set, then the checksum is written to
              the given file. If md5filename is unset, then no checksum will be computed.

       md5filename file name for md5 checksum if md5=1.

       index=<0|1>: compute BAM index for output file. Valid values are

       0:     do not compute BAM index. This is the default.

       1:     compute BAM index. If the indexfilename key is set, then the BAM index  is  written
              to the given file. If indexfilename is unset, then no BAM index will be computed.

       indexfilename file name for BAM index if index=1.


       Written by German Tischler.


       Report bugs to <>


       Copyright  ©  2009-2013  German  Tischler,  ©  2011-2013 Genome Research Limited.  License
       GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 <>
       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO  WARRANTY,
       to the extent permitted by law.