Provided by: libbluray-bin_1.3.2-1_amd64 bug


       bdsplice - Find and splice BD disc clips together into destination file


       bdsplice -t title    [-c first[-last]] [-k keyfile] [-a angle]  <bd path> [dest]


       bdsplice -p playlist [-c first[-last]] [-k keyfile] [-a angle] <bd path> [dest]

              Given  a  title  or playlist number and Blu-Ray directory tree, find the clips that
              compose the movie and splice them together in the destination file


       t N    - Index of title to splice. First title is 1.

       p N    - Playlist to splice.

       a N    - Angle. First angle is 1.

       c N or N-M
              - Chapter or chapter range. First chapter is 1.

       k keyfile
              - AACS keyfile path.

       <bd path>
              - Path to root of Blu-Ray directory tree.

       [dest] - Destination of spliced clips. stdout if not specified.


       This manpage was written by Vasyl Gello.