Provided by: beancount_2.3.3-1build4_all bug


       bean-example - generate a randomized Beancount example file


       usage: bean-example [-h] [--version] [--date-begin DATE_BEGIN]

       [--date-end DATE_END] [--date-birth DATE_BIRTH] [-s SEED]
              [--no-reformat] [-o OUTPUT]

       Generate  a  decently-sized  example  history, based on some rules. This script is used to
       generate some meaningful input to Beancount, input that looks as realistic as possible for
       a  moderately  complex  mock individual. This can also be used as an input generator for a
       stress test for performance evaluation.

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       --version, -V
              show program's version number and exit

       --date-begin DATE_BEGIN, --begin-date DATE_BEGIN
              Beginning date

       --date-end DATE_END, --end-date DATE_END
              End date.

       --date-birth DATE_BIRTH, --birth-date DATE_BIRTH
              Date of birth of our fictional character.

       -s SEED, --seed SEED
              Fix the random seed for debugging.

              Don't format the output

       -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
              Output filename (default stdout)