Provided by: bf_20041219ubuntu7_amd64 bug


       bf - yet another Brainfuck interpreter


       bf [-h] [options] <filename>


       bf  ('Yet  another  Brainfuck  interpreter')  is  a  simple  interpreter  for the esoteric
       Brainfuck language.


              Specify the number num of the last cell you are allowed to use  in  your  Brainfuck

              So if you use -c0 (or just -c), you'll have one cell (one byte in memory) to use on
              your tape.  Brainfuck interpreter by Urban Mueller used an  array  of  30000  bytes
              Our default value is 9999. Usually you need less.

       -i     Output Brainfuck code input to stderr.

              This  feature  is useful if you can't find out why some Brainfuck code doesn't work
              the way it should e.g. ignored loops, or a Brainfuck character within a comment.

              Note: Up to 32 +, -, < and > are summarized and displayed as only one. This feature
              was introduced in version 20040423.

       -n     Some  Brainfuck  contests  specify  a 0 byte as End Of Input. So -n translates a \n
              byte input into a 0 byte input. Disadvantage: the input can  only  consist  of  one

       -w     Disallow  byte wrap-around. This causes errors if you try to decrement ('-') a 0x00
              byte or to increment ('+') a 0xFF byte.

              This feature is useful if you want to take part in Brainfuck  contests  where  such
              wrapping-around is disallowed.
              By  default  (without  -w), incrementing 0xFF results in 0x00 and decrementing 0x00
              results in 0xFF.

              Specify input mode. <mode> can be:

              0 (zero) Normal input using getchar(3).
              1 Single-char input. You won't see what you type.
              2 Single-char input. You will see what you type.
              3 The same as 1, but doesn't allow escape characters if compiled with slang.
              4 The same as 2, but doesn't allow  escape  characters,  if  compiled  with  slang.

              Default is 0. (In some versions the default was 4.)


       It's not allowed to '<' below the first cell.

       It's not allowed to '>' beyond the last cell.


       Stephan Beyer <>