Provided by: bgpdump_1.6.2-2_amd64 bug


       bgpdump - translate MRT format files into readable output





               bgpdump [-m|-M] [-t dump|-t change] [-O <output-file>] <input-file>


       Output mode:

           multi-line, human-readable (the default)

           one-line per entry with unix timestamps

           one-line per entry with human readable timestamps in the form MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS (there
           are other differences between -m and -M)

       Common options:

       -O file
           output to file instead of STDOUT

           log to syslog (the default)

           log to STDERR

       Options for -m and -M modes:

       -t dump
           timestamps for RIB dumps reflect the time of the dump (the default)

       -t change
           timestamps for RIB dumps reflect the last route modification

           show packet index at second position

       Special options:

           run internal tests and exit


       •   MRT routing table dump entries in TABLE_DUMP or TABLE_DUMP_V2 types

       •   Zebra/Quagga BGP records:

           •   BGP messages (OPEN, UPDATE, NOTIFY, KEEPALIVE)

           •   BGP state changes

       •   File may be gzipped or bzip2’d and/or passed in through stdin

       The file format is described in the Internet Draft grow-mrt-13:


       If a single update message contains more than 8192 added or withdrawn prefixes, all those
       above that number are ignored.

       Files with a name longer than 999 characters cannot be processed.

       The bgpdump program is not y2038 compliant. This is inherited from the file format.


       Besides bug fixes, the following changes were done in the packaging for the Debian

       •   The maximum number of prefixes processed from a single update messages was raised from
           2050 to 8192.


       bgpdump was originally written by Dan Ardelean and the RIPE NCC took over maintenance in

       bgpdump is Copyright © 2007-2011 RIPE NCC

       This manpage is based on bgpdump’s usage output, the bgpdump’s homepage, and other
       sources. It was written for the Debian project by Christoph Biedl
       <> but may be used by others.