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       bnbot - text-based chat bot client


       bnbot [options] servername [serverport]


       bnbot  is  a  simple  program which will allow communication through the bot protocol of a server from the command line.  Input from stdin  is  sent  to  the  server  and
       output from the server is send to stdout.  The interface is so simple that telnet(1) could
       be used.  The only complicating factor is that a control-C character must be sent  to  the
       server before any other input.

       It is hoped that this program can be used with a scripting language like expect(1) to make
       creation of chat bots for Unix easier.  To date, I don't know of anyone doing this.   This
       program may also be used to test bot login permissions for accounts.

       If  no servername is specified, localhost is assumed.  If no serverport is specified, 6112
       is assumed.


       -h --help --usage
              Print usage information and exit.

       -v --version
              Print its version number and exit.


       The current version is available with the bnetd distribution at:



       The terminal settings are not consulted for keybindings.  The following are assumed:

       ^H     delete the character to the left of the cursor

       ^J     accept current line

       ^M (return)
              accept current line

       ^T     transpose the last two characters

       ^W     delete word to the left of the cursor

       ^U     delete the whole input line

       ^[ (escape)
              cancel the current input line

       ^? (delete)
              delete the character to the left of the cursor


       bnetd(1), bnchat(1)


       Ross Combs (