Provided by: borgbackup_1.2.2-1_amd64 bug


       borg-compact - compact segment files in the repository


       borg [common options] compact [options] [REPOSITORY]


       This command frees repository space by compacting segments.

       Use  this regularly to avoid running out of space - you do not need to use this after each
       borg command though. It  is  especially  useful  after  deleting  archives,  because  only
       compaction will really free repository space.

       borg  compact  does not need a key, so it is possible to invoke it from the client or also
       from the server.

       Depending on the amount of segments that need compaction, it may take a while, so consider
       using the --progress option.

       A segment is compacted if the amount of saved space is above the percentage value given by
       the --threshold option. If omitted, a threshold of 10% is  used.   When  using  --verbose,
       borg will output an estimate of the freed space.

       After upgrading borg (server) to 1.2+, you can use borg compact --cleanup-commits to clean
       up the numerous 17byte commit-only segments that borg 1.1 did not clean up due to  a  bug.
       It is enough to do that once per repository. After cleaning up the commits, borg will also
       do a normal compaction.

       See separate_compaction in Additional Notes for more details.


       See borg-common(1) for common options of Borg commands.

              repository to compact

   optional arguments
              cleanup commit-only 17-byte segment files

       --threshold PERCENT
              set minimum threshold for saved space in PERCENT (Default: 10)


          # compact segments and free repo disk space
          $ borg compact /path/to/repo

          # same as above plus clean up 17byte commit-only segments
          $ borg compact --cleanup-commits /path/to/repo




       The Borg Collective

                                            2022-08-20                            BORG-COMPACT(1)