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       botch-extract-scc - extract all strongly connected components


       botch-extract-scc [options] graph.xml [prefix]


       Extract strongly connected components (SCC) from an input graph in GraphML or dot format.

       The strongly connected components are stored as one file each in either the current
       directory or the directory given by the --outdir option.

       The file names that were generated for them are printed on standard output.

       By default that filename is of the format PREFIX_VERTEX_SIZE.EXT where PREFIX can be set
       on the command line, while VERTEX defaults to the vertex ID chosen by network, SIZE is the
       size of the SCC and EXT is xml by default but can be set using the --extension option.
       This is to reduce the possibility that two output graph files happen to have the same
       name. You can make them more unique by using the --outfnamevert and --outfnameattr options
       which refine the string that will be printed for VERTEX.


       -h, --help
           Show help.

           output directory. Default is current directory

           This option picks the set of vertices from which the smallest one (by string
           comparison of the attribute determined by the --outfnameattr option) will be chosen to
           be stored in place of VERTEX in the output file name.  The VERT argument is a
           key/value pair (separated by a colon) of a graph attribute and its value. By default
           (without this option), all vertices of the graph are considered.

           The special key "__ID__" allows one to select the unique vertex identifier.

           This option can be specified more than once. The final set of vertices is chosen such
           that all vertices match all key/value pairs. Multiple --outfnamevert options thus form
           a logical conjunction (they are AND-ed together).

           This option picks the vertex attribute that is to be printed in VERTEX in the output
           file name.

           Output files have extension EXT. Default is xml. This option also governs the output
           format. The xml extension saves in GraphML format while the dot extension saves in the
           dot format.

       -v, --verbose
           Be verbose.


       Extract the strongly connected components of a buildgraph and store them in the directory
       "out", prefixing each filename with "cyclic" and let the VERTEX value be the cudfname
       field of source packages only.

        botch-extract-scc --verbose --outdir=out --outfnameattr=cudfname --outfnamevert type:src buildgraph.xml cyclic


       See <>.


       Debian doc-base Manual /usr/share/doc/botch/wiki/Home.html


       This man page was written by Johannes Schauer. Botch is written by Johannes Schauer and
       Pietro Abate.


       Copyright 2012-2014 Johannes Schauer, Pietro Abate

       This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either
       version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. A special linking
       exception to the GNU Lesser General Public License applies to this library, see the
       COPYING file for more information.