Provided by: bioperl_1.7.8-1_all bug

NAME - cut FASTA sequences with a given range

USAGE [options -h,-s,-e,-f,-w] <FILES>... [options -h,-f,-w] s-e <FILES>...

          -h this help message
          -s which residue to start cutting on
          -e which residue to finish cutting on
          -f format of the files, defaults to FASTA but you can specify anything supported by SeqIO from BioPerl
          -w hard wrap width, this might not be supported depending on which format you are using


       A script to cut FASTA sequences with a given range `fastacut -s 1 -e 10 *.fasta` or
       `fastacut 1-10 *.fasta`.  This is just a convenience wrapper around the Bio::SeqIO module.
       Useful if you wish to trim out a section of an alignment to build a profile of a specific
       region of sequence.


       Matt Oates -


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       2010-11-22 - Matt Oates First features added.


       Getopt::Long Used to parse command line options.  Pod::Usage Used for usage and help
       output.  Bio::SeqIO Used to cut up sequences and parse FASTA.