Provided by: ion_3.2.1+dfsg-1.1_amd64 bug


       bpcp - A remote copy utility for delay tolerant networks utilizing NASA JPL's
       Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION)


       bpcp [-dqr | -v] [-L bundle_lifetime] [-C custody_on/off] [-S class_of_service]
       [host1:]file1 ... [host2:]file2


       bpcp copies files between hosts utilizing NASA JPL's Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION)
       to provide a delay tolerant network. File copies from local to remote, remote to local, or
       remote to remote are permitted.  bpcp depends on ION to do any authentication or
       encryption of file transfers.  All covergence layers over which bpcp runs MUST be

       The options are permitted as follows:

        -d  Debug output. Repeat for increased verbosity.
        -q  Quiet. Do not output status messages.
        -r  Recursive.
        -v  Display version information.
        -L bundle_lifetime
            Bundle lifetime in seconds. Default is 86400 seconds (1 day).

        -C BP_custody
            Acceptable values are ON/OFF,YES/NO,1/0. Default is ON.

        -S class_of_service
            Bundle Protocol Class of Service for this transfer. Available options are:

            0    Bulk Priority
            1    Standard Priority
            2    Expedited Priority

            Default is Standard Priority.

       bpcp utilizes CFDP to preform the actual file transfers. This has several important
       implications. First, ION's CFDP implementation requires that reliable convergence layers
       be used to transfer the data. Second, file permissions are not transferred. Files will be
       made executable on copy. Third, symbolic links are ignored for local to remote transfers
       and their target is copied for remote transfers. Fourth, all hosts must be specified using
       ION's IPN naming scheme.

       In order to preform remote to local transfers or remote to remote transfers, bpcpd must be
       running on the remote hosts. However, bpcp should NOT be run simultaneously with bpcpd or


       "0" bpcp terminated normally.

       "1" bpcp terminated abnormally. Check console and the ion.log file for error messages.


       No configuration files are needed.


       No environment variables apply.


       Report bugs to <>


       bpcpd(1), ion(3), cfdptest(1)