Provided by: blackbox_0.70.1-39_amd64 bug


       bsetroot - blackbox utility to change root window appearance


       bsetroot -help
       bsetroot [ -display display ] -solid color
       bsetroot [ -display display ] -mod x y -fg color -bg color
       bsetroot [ -display display ] -gradient texture -from color -to color


       Bsetroot  is  a  utility that can control the appearance of the root window in three ways:
       Either give it a solid color, or write a two color modula  pattern  to  it,  or  render  a
       gradient texture, based on two different colors.

       Bsetroot  resembles  xsetroot(1)  in  this  functionality  but it supports multiple screen
       displays, and gradient textures the same way as Blackbox does.  It doesn't handle  cursors
       etc.  Bsetroot is part of the Blackbox package.


       Bsetroot operates in three ways, you must choose one of the first 3 options:

       -solid color
              Sets the root window to specified color.

       -mod x y
              Creates a modula pattern. You must specify -bg and -fg colors.

       -gradient texturestring
              Renders  the  specified  texture  string  to the root window.  For possible texture
              strings, please refer to blackbox(1).  You must also specify both a -from and a -to

       -display display
              Tells Bsetroot to connect to the specified display.

       -bg, -background color
              Background color.  Needed for -mod patterns.

       -fg, -foreground color
              Foreground color.  Needed for -mod patterns.

       -from color
              Start color for rendering textures.  Needed for -gradient operation mode.

       -to color
              Ending color for rendering textures.  Needed for -gradient operation mode.

       -help  Prints version info and short help text.


       Bsetroot  was  written  and  maintained  by Brad Hughes ( and Jeff Raven