Provided by: ddskk_17.1-8_all bug


       bskk - Bayesian estimation for SKK


       bskk [options]


       bskk  is  a  helper  program  for  skk-bayesian.el  which  handles  history  with Bayesian
       estimation for SKK Japanese input systems.

       The options are as follows:

       -f history_file
               Use history_file as a history file.

       -s      Run as a server.

       -p port Use port (default=51178).

       -v      Verbose.

       -d      Debug mode.

       -h      Show a help and exit.

       To terminate bskk, send TERM signal to bskk (regardless of -s or not).  If  bskk  receives
       TERM  signal,  bskk  terminates immediately without saving history.  To save history, send
       COMMAND_SAVE (#save) to bskk before bskk is terminated.


       This manual page is provided by Debian.  It is not integrated in the upstream source.