Provided by: pkg-perl-tools_0.71_all bug


       bts-srcpkg - query for bugs in a source package


       bts-srcpkg [-a] [-f] [-h] [-m] [-c] [-t] [source package name]


       bts-srcpkg queries the Debian BTS for bugs in a source package.

       The source package name can be passed as a command line parameter.  By default, it is read
       from debian/control in the current directory.

       If you are in a Debian source directory, you can just type bts-srcpkg to get a list of the
       open bugs of the package you are working on.


       source package name
           Name of the source package to query bugs for.  By default, the name is taken from
           debian/control in the current directory.


       -a Show all bugs of a source package.
           Also show done or archived bugs.  By default, only open bugs are shown.

       -f Show all fields of a bug.
           Also show less relevant fields.  By default, only bug_num, originator, subject,
           severity, forwarded, and tags are shown.

       -c Disable colored output.
           Don't colorize output.  By default, output uses colors, unless STDOUT is not a tty or
           the environment variables CLICOLOR or NO_COLOR are set to false or true, respectively.

       -t Disable title.
           Don't output the title with the packagename.  Might be convenient when called from
           another script.

       -h  Show this help.

       -m  Show full manpage.




       Copyright 2011, 2016, 2021, 2022, gregor herrmann <>

       This program is free software. You may distribute it under the same terms as Perl.