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       Bublé - Fast ES2015 compiler for Node.js


       buble [options] <inputfile>


       Bublé is a ES2015 compiler : it will turn ES6 javascript code into Javascript that can run
       in older ES5 environments. Notice that not all of ES6 is supported,  either  because  they
       give size or performance issues or because they can't be transpiled to ES5.


       -v, --version Show version number

       -h, --help Show this help message -i, --input Input (alternative to <entry file>)

       -o, --output <output> Output (if absent, prints to stdout)

       -m, --sourcemap Generate sourcemap (`-m inline` for inline map)

       -t, --target Select compilation targets

       -y, --yes Transforms to always apply (overrides --target)

       -n, --no Transforms to always skip (overrides --target)

       --jsx Custom JSX pragma

       --objectAssign Specify Object.assign or equivalent polyfill

       --no-named-function-expr Don't output named function expressions


       # Compile input.js to output.js buble input.js > output.js

       #  Compile  input.js  to  output.js,  write  sourcemap  to buble input.js -o
       output.js -m

       # Compile input.js to output.js with inline  sourcemap  buble  input.js  -o  output.js  -m

       #  Only use transforms necessary for output.js to run in FF43 and Node 5 buble input.js -o
       output.js -t firefox:43,node:5

       # As above, but  use  arrow  function  and  destructuring  transforms  buble  input.js  -o
       output.js -t firefox:43,node:5 -y arrow,destructuring

       # Compile all the files in src/ to dest/ buble src -o dest


       * When piping to stdout, only inline sourcemaps are permitted


       For more information visit