Provided by: simple-cdd_0.6.8_all bug


       build-simple-cdd - create custom debian-installer images


       usage: build-simple-cdd [-h] [--logfile LOGFILE] [--quiet] [--verbose]

       [--debug] [--conf CONF] [--do-mirror] [--dvd]
              [--no-do-mirror]     [--qemu]    [--mirror-only]    [--build-only]    [--qemu-only]
              [--force-root]  [--dist   CODENAME]   [--locale   LOCALE]   [--keyboard   KEYBOARD]
              [--proposed-updates]   [--kernel-packages   KERNEL_PACKAGES]  [--profiles-udeb-dist
              PROFILES_UDEB_DIST]    [--extra-udeb-dist    EXTRA_UDEB_DIST]    [--security-mirror
              SECURITY_MIRROR]   [--backports-mirror   BACKPORTS_MIRROR]   [--profiles  PROFILES]
              [--local-packages LOCAL_PACKAGES] [--build-profiles BUILD_PROFILES] [--mirror-tools
              MIRROR_TOOLS]    [--build-tools    BUILD_TOOLS]   [--auto-profiles   AUTO_PROFILES]
              [--updates-mirror  UPDATES_MIRROR]   [--debian-mirror   DEBIAN_MIRROR]   [--keyring
              KEYRING] [--require-optional-packages] [--force-preseed] [--serial-console]

       create custom debian-installer CDs

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       --logfile LOGFILE
              specify a file where the full execution log will be written

              quiet output on the terminal

              verbose output on the terminal

              debugging output on the terminal

       --conf CONF
              specify a configuration file

              generate mirror

       --dvd  generate dvd

              do not generate mirror

       --qemu, -q
              use qemu to test the image

              only generate/update the mirror

              only build the ISO image

              only test a previously built the image

              allow running as root

       --dist CODENAME
              distribution   name   (jessie,  stretch,  buster,  bullseye,  ...,  sid)  (default:
              $(lsb_release --short --codename))

       --locale LOCALE
              preselect this default locale for the distribution (default: None)

       --keyboard KEYBOARD
              preselect  this  keyboard  in  debian-installer  (consolekeymaps-at/keymap  debconf
              question) (default: None)

              specify if proposed updates should be used (default: false)

       --kernel-packages KERNEL_PACKAGES
              list of kernel packages to include on the CD (default: None)

       --profiles-udeb-dist PROFILES_UDEB_DIST
              pull simple-cdd-profiles udeb from specified distribution (default: None)

       --extra-udeb-dist EXTRA_UDEB_DIST
              pull in udebs from specified distribution (default: None)

       --security-mirror SECURITY_MIRROR
              security mirror URL (default:

       --backports-mirror BACKPORTS_MIRROR
              backports mirror URL (default: {debian_mirror})

       --profiles PROFILES, -p PROFILES
              select profiles (examples in profiles/ dir) (default: None)

       --local-packages LOCAL_PACKAGES
              list of files included on CD's local package repository (default: None)

       --build-profiles BUILD_PROFILES, -b BUILD_PROFILES
              profiles only used while building the CD (default: None)

       --mirror-tools MIRROR_TOOLS
              list the mirror tools to be used (default: download reprepro)

       --build-tools BUILD_TOOLS
              list the build tools to be used (default: debian-cd)

       --auto-profiles AUTO_PROFILES, -a AUTO_PROFILES
              automatically install these profiles (default: None)

       --updates-mirror UPDATES_MIRROR
              specify mirror for $DIST-updates (default: {debian_mirror})

       --debian-mirror DEBIAN_MIRROR
              official    Debian    mirror    to   use   to   get   Debian   packages   (default:

       --keyring KEYRING
              use  specified  keyrings  (comma-separated)  for   verifying   packages   (default:

              fail if missing optional packages (*.downloads) (default: None)

              only issue a warning if a preseeding file is invalid (default: None)

       --serial-console, -s
              enable serial console when booting the ISO image (default: None)