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       bup-rm - remove references to archive content


       bup rm [-#|--verbose] <branch|save...>


       bup  rm  removes  the indicated branches (backup sets) and saves.  By itself, this command
       does not delete any actual data (nor recover any storage space), but it may make  it  very
       difficult  or  impossible to refer to the deleted items, unless there are other references
       to them (e.g. tags).

       A subsequent garbage collection, either  by  a  bup  gc,  or  by  a  normal  git  gc,  may
       permanently  delete  data that is no longer reachable from the remaining branches or tags,
       and reclaim the related storage space.

       WARNING: This is one of the few bup commands that modifies your archive  in  intentionally
       destructive ways.


       -v, --verbose
              increase verbosity (can be used more than once).

       -#, --compress=#
              set  the  compression level to # (a value from 0-9, where 9 is the highest and 0 is
              no compression).  The default is 6.  Note that bup rm may only write new commits.


              # Delete the backup set (branch) foo and a save in bar.
              $ bup rm /foo /bar/2014-10-21-214720


       bup-gc(1), bup-save(1), bup-fsck(1), and bup-tag(1)


       Part of the bup(1) suite.


       Rob Browning <>.