Provided by: caca-utils_0.99.beta20-3_amd64 bug


       cacaview - ASCII image browser


       cacaview [FILE...]


       cacaview  is  a  lightweight  text mode image viewer. It renders images using colour ASCII
       characters. It is a powerful add-on to famous console programs  such  as  the  mutt  email
       client, the slrn newsreader and the links or w3m web browsers.

       cacaview can load the most widespread image formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP etc.

       You  can  zoom  and  scroll  the  image around for more details, and choose four different
       dithering modes. All commands are accessible through a single key press.


       ?      show the help screen

       n, p   switch to next image, previous image

       Left, Right, Up, Down or h, l, k, j
              scroll the image around

       +, -   zoom in and out

       z      reset the zoom level to normal

       f      switch fullscreen mode (hide/show menu and status bars)

       d      toggle the dithering  mode  (no  dithering,  4x4  ordered  dithering,  8x8  ordered
              dithering and random dithering)

       q      exit the program


       cacaview /usr/share/pixmaps/*.*


       There is no support for aspect ratio yet. Also, since there is no way yet to load an image
       from cacaview it is completely useless when run without an argument.




       This manual page was written by Sam Hocevar <>.