Provided by: callisto_1.1.0-2build1_amd64 bug


       callisto-sunschedule - Filter an e-Callisto schedule file


       callisto-sunschedule configfile [ margin ]


       This helper program filters a base callisto(1) schedule, read from standard input, so that
       callisto is recording only when the Sun  is  up.  The  filtered  schedule  is  printed  to
       standard  output.  The  first  argument to the program is the callisto configuration file,
       from which the geographical coordinates and focuscode are read.

       If there is a second argument to the program, it is the number of seconds that the day  is
       extended  from both ends. The sunrise and sunset times actually computed are those for the
       UTC date in question, not the next ones. This will cause a small  error,  especially  when
       the  daylength  is  changing  fast,  and the margin argument can be used to compensate for
       this. Five or ten minutes (300 or 600 seconds) should be a good value for this.

       Only schedule entries with the same focuscode  as  in  the  configuration  file  are  ever
       printed.  The  filtering inserts a start action at sunrise, if the base schedule indicates
       that recording should be on at that time, and a  stop  action  at  sunset.  Base  schedule
       entries  in the sunrise-to-sunset timespan are all printed. Only entries with the overview
       action are printed in the sunset-to-sunrise timespan.

       The sunrise and sunset times are computed with the Emacs calendar, so Emacs  needs  to  be
       installed  to  use  this  program.  See  the  comments  at the start of the script for the


       Juha Aatrokoski <>