Provided by: camitk-imp_5.0.2-3_amd64 bug


       camitk-imp - GUI flagship application for CamiTK


       camitk-imp [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


       camitk-imp is build using CamiTK 5.0
       Please visit for more information.
       (c) Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, TIMC-IMAG UMR 5525

       camitk-imp  is  a  medical image analysis and modeling software.  This is the flagship GUI
       application of a larger framework called CamiTK (Computer Assisted  Medical  Interventions
       Tool Kit) designed to ease the collaborative work of a research team.

       The  targeted  users  are in R&D departments or laboratories.  camitk-imp provides an easy
       and interactive access to all your data and algorithm parameters.

       camitk-imp can visualize medical images from a lot of different (standard) formats, offers
       image  processing  and  segmentation  algorithms  to reconstruct a mesh geometry and run a
       biomechanical simulation.


              Print usage information and exit.

              Print CamiTK version message and exit

              Disable CamiTK application console and redirect everything to the  standard  output


       CamiTK  and  camitk-imp  is  currently  developed by the Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS in the
       TIMC-IMAG UMR 5525 laboratory (GMCAO).


       The   full   documentation   and    tutorial    for    camitk-imp    is    available    at