Provided by: capsule-nextflow_1.1.0+dfsg-4_all bug


       capsule-nextflow - packaging and development tool for JVM applications


       capsule-nextflow jarFile


       capsule-nextflow  allows  one  to  create  capsules,  which  are  single  executable  JARs
       containing everything an application needs to run in the form  of  embedded  files  or  as
       declarative metadata.

       It  launches  the  application  in  the  JAR file jarFile.  This JAR file must contain the
       Capsule.class file, the JAR of the application to be run, and a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF  file
       mentioning  Capsule  as  its  Main-Class  and  Premain-Class,  and  the  main class of the
       application to be run as its Application-Class. The minimal Manifest file would contain
               Manifest-Version: 1.0
               Main-Class: Capsule
               Premain-Class: Capsule
               Application-ID: test
               Application-Version: 1.0

       where  Application-ID  and  Application-Version  fields  are  chosen  by  the  user,   and
       Application-Class is the main class of the application.


       See in /usr/share/doc/capsule-nextflow/examples.