Provided by: coinst_1.9.3-3build2_amd64 bug


       coinst-upgrades - finding upgrade issues between to versions of a Debian distribution


       coinst-upgrades [options] -o file control-file1 control-file2


       coinst-upgrades takes as input two Debian control files corresponding to two versions of a
       Debian repository and output a  report  listing  all  packages  that  coult  be  installed
       together  in  the  initial version of the repository (specified by control-file1) and that
       can no longer be installed together in the final version of the repository  (specified  by
       control-file2), and explaining why they can no longer be installed together.

       If the control files are compressed, they will be automatically uncompressed by the tool.


       --break sets
              Specify  that  some packages does not have to be compatible any longer and that the
              corresponding issue should be omitted from the report.   The  argument  sets  is  a
              comma-separated  list  of  sets  of  packages.  Each set is either a list of binary
              package names separated by a vertical bar symbol |, or a wildcard  _  standing  for
              any  package.   We  explain  this  option  through examples.  You can write --break
              libjpeg62-dev  to  state  that  package  libjpeg62-dev  does  not  have  to  remain
              installable.   But  it is usually better to indicate that the package should remain
              installable but that it is fine if it is no  longer  installable  with  some  other
              packages:  --break  libjpeg62-dev,_.  You can be even more precise and specify that
              two given packages can become incompatible,  but  that  any  other  incompatibility
              should  be reported: --break parallel,moreutils.  Finally, you can use the vertical
              bar  symbol  to  factorize  several  sets  of  packages:  --break  'unoconv,python-
              uno|docvert-libreoffice'  means  that  package  unoconv  does  not  have  to remain
              installable together with python-uno nor docvert-libreoffice.

       --debug name
              Activate debug option name.  Use --debug help to list available debug options.

       -help, --help
              Print a usage message  briefly  summarizing  the command-line options.

       -o file
              Write the report to this file.

       --popcon file
              Use popcon data from this file to order issues.


       Coinst-upgrades has been written by Jérôme Vouillon.


       The tool Web page: <>.