Provided by: dict_1.13.0+dfsg-1build2_amd64 bug


       colorit - a script for markuping the text input


       colorit [OPTIONS] [files...]


       colorit  is  a  script for markuping text input and sending a result to stdout.  Markuping
       rules are described in a configuration file which is filtered by preprocessor (the default
       is  m4  ).  The define HOME equal to your home directory is set for the preprocessor using
       -D option supported by both m4 and cpp.  This script can be used for colorizing  the  text
       by  ANSI  escape  sequences,  or  making  a  simple  text  conversions and may be used for
       colorizing output of dict or other programs. In particular, log files, dict, cc, make,  or
       diff output can easily be colorized and viewed.


       -V or --version
              Shows version information.

       -h or --help
              Shows help information.

       -c file or --config file
              Specify configuration file.  The default is ~/.coloritrc or /etc/dictd/colorit.conf

       --pp preprocessor
              Specify a preprocessor (- for none).


              User's colorit configuration file

              System colorit configuration file


       Empty  lines  or  lines  beginning with sharp sign (`#') are ignored. All other lines have
       this structure: command arg1 arg2 ... argN.  All commands  are  processed  one-by-one  for
       each input line.
       args strings can be surrounded by double-quote characters.
       Currently,  only  mark  command  is  available  having  the  following  arguments:  regexp
       pre_string post_string
       The pre_string and post_string are inserted at the beginning  and  the  end  of  substring
       matched by regular expression regexp


       The only supported escape sequence in the strings surrounded by double quotes is \033.


       less(1), m4(1), cpp(1), dict(1)

                                           28 Oct 2003                                 COLORIT(1)