Provided by: colorize_0.65-1_amd64 bug


       colorize - colorize text on terminal with ANSI escape sequences


       colorize [option]... (foreground) [-|file]

       colorize [option]... (foreground)/(background) [-|file]

       colorize --clean[-all] [-|file]

       colorize -hV


       Colorizes text read from standard input stream or file by using ANSI escape sequences (and
       also vice versa, i.e. cleaning text from sequences) and prints  resulting  output  to  the

       When  colorizing  text,  (foreground)  and  eventually  (background)  may be either one of
       following color values: none, black, red,  green,  yellow,  blue,  magenta,  cyan,  white,
       default  or  random.   First  character  of  color  name  in  upper case denotes increased
       intensity, whereas for lower case colors will  be  of  normal  intensity.   If  "none"  is
       chosen, no escape sequences will be emitted.

       Color  escape  sequences  are  added  per  each  line,  hence  colored lines can be safely

       When de-colorizing text, --clean omits  color  escape  sequences  which  were  emitted  by
       colorize  (see  NOTES  for  list), whereas --clean-all omits all valid ones.  If in doubt,
       consider using --clean-all.


              set attributes by name
              Attributes: bold, underscore, blink, reverse and concealed.

              clean text from color escape sequences emitted by colorize

              clean text from all valid color escape sequences

       -c, --config=PATH
              alternate configuration file location

              text color to be excluded when selecting a random foreground color

              omit printing color escape sequences for empty lines

       -h, --help
              show help screen and exit

       -V, --version
              display version data and exit


              user configuration file

              If the aforementioned file exists, it  is  read,  parsed  and  processed  prior  to
              handling  the  command-line  options.   Command-line options override configuration
              values, but are currently not capable of unsetting them.  If unsetting is  desired,
              comment them out or remove them.

              Sample configuration file
                     # ~/.colorize.conf
                     attr = bold,underscore
                     color = magenta # favorite one
                     exclude-random = black
                     omit-color-empty = yes

              Configurable options and values
                     attr             (values same as command-line option)
                     color            (value  same as command-line colors)
                     exclude-random   (value  same as command-line option)
                     omit-color-empty (yes/no)

                     Each  line  ought  to  start  with a name of an option, followed by = and an
                     optional value.  Leaving the value blank, unsets the option.

                     Whitespace is allowed before the option name, after the option name,  before
                     the option value and after the option value.

                     Comments  may  be  placed  before  or  after  the option is set.  Everything
                     following the '#' sign is treated as being commented out.


       The list of color escape sequence codes being emitted and omitted is as follows:

       *   30-37,39 (foreground colors)

       *   1-9;30-37,39 (foreground colors with attributes)

       *   40-47,49 (background colors)

       *   0 (reset)


       $ colorize green /etc/motd
              Print file /etc/motd with green as foreground color

       $ colorize green/black /etc/motd
              Print file /etc/motd with green as foreground and black as background color

       $ colorize green /etc/motd | colorize --clean
              Print input from stdin with color escape sequences omitted

       $ git log -1 -p --color | colorize --clean-all
              Print input from stdin with all color escape sequences omitted

       $ colorize --attr=bold green /etc/motd
              Print file /etc/motd with bold green as foreground color


       Steven Schubiger <>