Provided by: netperfmeter_1.9.2-1_amd64 bug


     combinesummaries — Scalar Summary Combination Tool


     combinesummaries [Output File] [Var Names] -quiet


     combinesummaries is a combination tool for GNU R data files: it creates a single data table
     from multiple input files. CombineSummaries supports on-the-fly BZip2 compression. After
     startup, the program accepts the following commands from standard input (*not* as command-
     line arguments!):

            Sets the values of the output variables for the next input file to the provided
            space-separated values. One value for each variable has to be provided.

            Process the given input file.

            Sets the directory where to find the input files.


     The following arguments may be provided:

     Output File
             The name of the output file to be created.

     Var Names
             A space-separated list of output variable names to be added to the output data

     -quiet  Do not print verbose status information.


     Consider two data tables (created with ParameterY=Alpha) and
     (created with ParameterY=Beta).  The output data table should be written to
     ( echo "--values=\"Alpha\""   && \
       echo ""  && \
       echo "--values=\"Beta\""    && \
       echo "" ) | combinesummaries "ParameterY"


     Thomas Dreibholz