Provided by: comskip_0.82.009+ds.1-2_amd64 bug


       comskip - commercial detector


              [-h|--help]  [-w|--debugwindow]  [-n|--playnice]  [--zpcut]  [--zpchapter]  [--scf]
              [--videoredo]  [--videoredo3]   [--csvout]   [--quality]   [--plist]   [-m|--demux]
              [--hwassist]   [--cuvid]   [--vdpau]   [--dxva2]   [--decoders]   [--threads=<int>]
              [-p|--pid=<string>]   [-t|--ts]   [-d|--detectmethod=<int>]    [-v|--verbose=<int>]
              [-u|--dump=<int>]     [-s|--play]     [--timing]     [-q|--quiet]    [--ini=<file>]
              [--logo=<file>]   [--cut=<file>]    [--output=<file>]    [--output-filename=<file>]
              [--selftest=<int>] <file> [<file>]


       -h, --help
              Display syntax

       -w, --debugwindow
              Show debug window

       -n, --playnice
              Slows detection down

              Outputs a ZoomPlayer cutlist

              Outputs a ZoomPlayer chapter file

       --scf  Outputs a simple chapter file for mkvmerge

              Outputs a VideoRedo cutlist

              Outputs a VideoRedo3 cutlist

              Outputs a csv of the frame array

              Outputs a csv of false detection segments

              Outputs  a  mac-style  plist  for  addition  to  an  EyeTV archive as the 'markers'

       -m, --demux
              Demux the input into elementary streams

              Activate Hardware Assisted video decoding

              Use NVIDIA Video Decoder (CUVID), if available

              Use NVIDIA Video Decode and Presentation API (VDPAU), if available

              Use DXVA2 Video Decode and Presentation API (DXVA2), if available

              List all decoders and exit

              The number of threads to use

       -p, --pid=<string>
              The PID of the video in the TS

       -t, --ts
              The input file is a Transport Stream

       -d, --detectmethod=<int>
              An integer sum of the detection methods to use

       -v, --verbose=<int>
              Verbose level

       -u, --dump=<int>
              Dump the cutscene at this frame number

       -s, --play
              Play the video

              Dump the timing into a file

       -q, --quiet
              Not output logging to the console window

              Ini file to use

              Logo file to use

              CutScene file to use

              Folder to use for all output files

              Filename base to use for all output files

              Execute a selftest

       <file> Input file

       <file> Output folder for cutlist

       Detection Methods

              1 - Black Frame 2 - Logo 4 - Scene Change 8 - Resolution Change

              16 - Closed Captions 32 - Aspect Ratio 64 - Silence

              128 - CutScenes 255 - USE ALL AVAILABLE