Provided by: libcpan-sqlite-perl_0.219-1_all bug


       cpandb - interface to "CPAN::SQLite"


       version 0.219


       This script is an interface to the routines of CPAN::SQLite for setting up, maintaining
       and searching a "DBD::SQLite" database of CPAN. Available options can be grouped into
       three categories.

   Common options
       These are options which are common to both setting up and maintaining the database or
       performing queries on it.  These are

       •  "--CPAN  '/path/to/CPAN'"

          This specifies the path to where the index files are to be stored. This could be a
          local CPAN mirror, defined here by the presence of a MIRRORED.BY file beneath this
          directory, or a local directory in which to store these files from a remote CPAN
          mirror. In the latter case, the index files are fetched from a remote CPAN mirror,
          using the same list that "" uses, if this is configured, and are updated if they
          are more than one day old.

          If the "CPAN" option is not given, it will default to "cpan_home" of CPAN::, if this is
          configured, with the sources being found under "keep_source_where".  A fatal error
          results if such a directory isn't found.  Updates to these index files are assumed here
          to be handled by "".

       •  "--db_name  'cpan-sqlite'"

          This is the name of the database that "DBD::SQLite" will use. If not given, this
          defaults to "cpandb-sqlite".

       •  "--db_dir  '/path/to/db/dir'"

          This specifies the path to where the database file is found. If not given, it defaults
          to the "cpan_home" directory of "", if present, or to the directory in which the
          script was invoked.

   Indexing options
       These are options which are used for setting up and maintaining the database. These

       •  "--setup"

          This specifies that the database is to be created and populated from the CPAN indices;
          any existing database will be overwritten.

       •  "--update"

          This is used to update an existing database, which must have first been created with
          the "setup" option.

       •  "--reindex 'dist_name'"

          This specifies that the CPAN distribution "dist_name" is to be reindexed.

   Querying options
       These options are used to query the database. Available options are

       •  "--module Mod::Name"

          This provides information on the specified module name.

       •  "--dist Dist-Name"

          This provides information on the specified distribution name.

       •  "--cpanid CPANID"

          This provides information on the specified CPAN author id

       All search terms are assumed to be exact matches in a case-insensitive manner.

       There's no limit on maximum number of records. If you need to adjust the number because
       you get too many results, set the CPAN_SQLITE_MAX_RESULTS environment variable.