Provided by: libcpandb-perl_0.18-2_all bug


       cpangraph - Generate dependency chain graphs for CPAN modules


       Version 0.12


         cpangraph [options] <file>

             --help            display a brief help message
             --perl=VERSION    filter those available in Perl core
             --phase=PHASE     filter those needed for a phase (e.g., build)
             --rankdir         controls the GraphViz 'rankdir' variable
             --reverse         graph reverse dependencies (dependents)
             --verbose         display additional debugging information


           Prints a brief help message to the standard output and exits.

           This displays dependencies which have been available in Perl core since the given
           VERSION. It does not currently know if a module has been removed from core, but this
           is an unlikely occurrence. Specify Perl versions in the form:

             5.008008 # for versions >= 5.8.8
             5.010    # for versions >= 5.10

           This displays dependencies which are needed for a given module's install or runtime
           PHASE. Available phases are:

           •   runtime: required whenever the module is used

           •   build: required to build the module

           •   configure: these are required while preparing the module for build

           In GraphViz, the 'rankdir' attribute controls the direction that the nodes are linked
           together. If set, the graph will use left -> right linking of nodes rather than the
           default up-down linking.

           Create a graph of the reverse dependencies of a package (the packages which depend on
           it, or dependent packages).

           Display extra output useful during debugging.


       This script will use the CPAN Database to build a graph of a package's dependencies or
       reverse dependencies (dependent packages).


       Adam Kennedy <>


       For support details, please look at "perldoc CPANDB" and use the corresponding support


       This has the same copyright and licensing terms as CPANDB.