Provided by: vdr-plugin-epgsearch_2.4.1-2_amd64 bug


       createcats - helps you creating your own epgsearchcats.conf


       createcats [OPTIONS] /path_to/


       This tool is deliverd with the plugin and should exist in the plugins source directory
       after compilation. It helps you in creating your own epgsearchcats.conf, if the samples in
       directory 'conf' don't fit your needs.

       createcats takes your as argument and scans it for suitable EPG infos. Such an
       info is a set of a category name and a coresponding value at the beginning of a line
       (represented with '|') and has the form '|category: value', e.g.

        |Genre: Action

       So simply call it with

       createcats /path_to/

       The output is a file epgsearchcats.conf, that should be copied to your plugins config dir.
       Before using it, you should do some customizing, since not all things in the file will be
       suitable to be used as extended EPG info.


       The full set of arguments is:

       usage: createcats [OPTIONS] /path_to/

        -m N, --minappearance=N    the minimum number a category has to appear
                                   to be used
        -v N, --maxvalues=N        values of a category are omitted if they exceed
                                   this number
        -l N, --maxlength=N        the maximum length of a text to be accepted
                                   as a category value
        -h, --help                 this help

       Some notes:

       -m N, --minappearance=N
           createcats counts how often a category is used in your current If this is
           less than N, then this category will not be part of the resulting epgsearchcats.conf.

       -v N, --maxvalues=N
           if the number of values for a category is more than N then createcats will not output
           a value list for this category. As a consequence in epgsearch the menu item gets an
           edit item, that can be filled with every text. Else, the item gets a selection item,
           that lets you select from a list of values.

       -l N, --maxlength=N
           if the text length of a value is more than N, this value is not part of the value

       Hint: Results are best, if your current EPG is as big as possible. So update it, if you
       are using an external EPG provider, before calling createcats.

       Please edit this file now, since it will contain also things not suitable.

       After that copy it to your plugins config directory.


       epgsearch(1), epgsearch(4), "epgsearchcats.conf(5)"

AUTHOR (man pages)

       Mike Constabel <epgsearch (at) constabel (dot) net>


       Bugreports (german):





       Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Christian Wieninger

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