Provided by: node-js-beautify_1.14.6+dfsg+~cs1.28.6-1_all bug


       css-beautify - beautify, unpack or deobfuscate CSS



   CLI Options:
       -f, --file
              Input file(s) (Pass '-' for stdin)

       -r, --replace
              Write output in-place, replacing input

       -o, --outfile
              Write output to file (default stdout)

              Path to config file

       --type [js|css|html] ["js"]

       -q, --quiet
              Suppress logging to stdout

       -h, --help
              Show this help

       -v, --version
              Show the version

   Beautifier Options:
       -s, --indent-size
              Indentation size [4]

       -c, --indent-char
              Indentation character [" "]

       -t, --indent-with-tabs
              Indent with tabs, overrides -s and -c

       -e, --eol
              Character(s) to use as line terminators.  [first newline in file, otherwise "\n]

       -n, --end-with-newline
              End output with newline

              Keep indentation on empty lines

              List  of templating languages (auto,none,django,erb,handlebars,php,smarty) ["auto"]
              auto = none in JavaScript, all in html

              Use EditorConfig to set up the options

       -b, --brace-style
              [collapse|expand] ["collapse"]

       -L, --selector-separator-newline
              Add a newline between multiple selectors.

       -N, --newline-between-rules
              Add a newline between CSS rules.