Provided by: datalad_0.17.1-1_all bug


       datalad unlock - unlock file(s) of a dataset


       datalad unlock [-h] [-d DATASET] [-r] [-R LEVELS] [--version] [path ...]


       Unlock files of a dataset in order to be able to edit the actual content

       Unlock a single file::

        % datalad unlock <path/to/file>

       Unlock all contents in the dataset::

        % datalad unlock .


       path   file(s) to unlock. Constraints: value must be a string or value must be NONE

       -h, --help, --help-np
              show  this  help  message.  --help-np  forcefully  disables  the use of a pager for
              displaying the help message

       -d DATASET, --dataset DATASET
              "specify the dataset to unlock files in. If no dataset is given, an attempt is made
              to  identify the dataset based on the current working directory. Constraints: Value
              must be a Dataset or a valid identifier of a Dataset (e.g. a path) or value must be

       -r, --recursive
              if set, recurse into potential subdatasets.

       -R LEVELS, --recursion-limit LEVELS
              limit  recursion into subdatasets to the given number of levels. Constraints: value
              must be convertible to type 'int' or value must be NONE

              show the module and its version which provides the command


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