Provided by: wise_2.4.1-23_amd64 bug


       dba — characterising shared regulatory regions of genomic DNA


       dba [options ... ]  { seq1 seq2 }


       dba - standing for Dna Block Aligner, was developed by Niclas Jareborg, Richard Durbin and
       Ewan Birney for characterising  shared  regulatory  regions  of  genomic  DNA,  either  in
       upstream regions or introns of genes

       The idea was that in these regions there would a series of shared motifs, perhaps with one
       or two insertions or deletions but between motifs there would be any length of sequence.

       The subsquent model was a 3 state model which was log-odd'd ratio to a null model of their
       being no examples of a motif in the two sequences.


       -h           -help
                 Show summary of options.

       -v           -version
                 Show version of program.


       dnal  (1),  estwise  (1),  estwisedb  (1),  genewise  (1), genewisedb (1), genomewise (1),
       promoterwise (1), psw (1), pswdb (1), scanwise (1), scanwise_server (1).


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